Lembra do "garoto diva"? Saiba como ele está agora!

Find out how Brendon Jordan is, the Lady Gaga fan who stood out during...

The boy ended up becoming a meme on the internet for dancing the choreography from "Applause", by Lady Gaga, and earned the nickname "Diva Boy"
Médico é furtado ao fazer suruba com quatro pedreiros em Fernando de Noronha

A doctor was stolen while having an orgy with four masons in Fernando de...

Due to the pandemic, the accused was submitted to an online custody hearing and the judge decided that the mason will remain free pending trial.
Pride House Tokyo - Divulgação

Tokyo opens its first major community hub for LGBT+ people

The institution was inaugurated on Sunday, October 11, the date on which "Coming Out Day" is celebrated, and it will work on a permanent basis
Gogo boy da cena paulistana, Michell Santos é encontrado morto em seu apartamento

The go-go boy Michell Santos was found dead in São Paulo

The police claims to have found a "messy" room and the victim's body in an advanced stage of putrefaction
1 em cada 5 homens não troca de cueca todos os dias por "não estar suja visivelmente"

1 out of every 5 men don’t change underwear if it isn’t “visibly dirty”

22 percent of men and 20 percent of women wears the same underwear if it doesn't smell bad
Nico Tortorella: "Não há nada mais masculino que ser passivo"

Nico Tortorella: “There is nothing more masculine than bottoming”

The actor self-declared his gender and sexuality are fluid
Netflix divulga data de estreia do reality apresentado por Gloria Groove e Alexia Twister

Netflix releases the date of the reality show hosted by Gloria Groove and Alexia...

A Queen Is Born is a journey of self-knowledge and empowerment for aspiring drag queens and drag kings.
Rupert Everett que ser casar com brasileiro

Rupert Everett wants to marry a Brazilian man

The news surprised his fans, since a few years ago he said that he was against gay marriage.
World of Warcraft: expansão Shadowlands será mais inclusiva com personagens LGBTQIA+

World of Warcraft’s Shadowlands expansion will become more inclusive with LGBTQIA+ characters

Gay romance, hero's gender change, trans characters and more
Mark Ruffalo e Chris Rock ficam nus pelo bem da democracia dos EUA

Mark Ruffalo and Chris Rock get naked for the sake of United States’ democracy

Other celebrities also showed up, such as Amy Schumer, Tiffany Haddish, Naomi Campbell, Josh Gad
Homens gays "roubam" a hashtag do grupo de extrema-direita #proudboys

Gay men “steal” the #ProudBoys hashtag from right wing extremist groups

The initiative came up after Trump refused to condemn the group and blamed left wing movements.
Pastor que comparou gays a câncer deverá indenizar LGBTQIA+ em R$ 100 mil

The pastor who compared gay people to cancer shall indemnify the LGBTQIA+ community in...

He also was one of the authors of the gay cure project
Chá dos 5 estreia na TV aberta

“Chá dos 5” premieres on open TV

The show will air on TV8 channel, in São Paulo, and will be simultaneously broadcasted on the YouTube channel
Primeiro homem curado do HIV morre nos EUA de câncer

First person to be cured of HIV died of cancer in the United States

The Berlin patient battled leukemia
Orkut Buyukkokten fará palestra gratuita sobre importância da diversidade

Orkut will give a free lecture about the importance of accepting diversity within companies.

Orkut's lecture will be about "inclusion and diversity in the technology segment".
Associação LGBT de Joinville emite nota de repúdio perante caso do bilhete homofóbico dos vizinhos andando de mãos dadas

The LGBT Association of Joinville issued a repudiation statement regarding the case of a...

"It is sad that such a simple and beautiful act as holding hands is seen as disrespectful just because it comes from a homoaffective couple"
Pabllo Vittar e Gloria Groove são as primeiras drags na capa da Vogue Brasil

The singers Pabllo Vittar and Gloria Groove are the first drag queens to appear...

"We can occupy every space" - said Vittar about the LGBTQIA+ community
Em Birigui, carola agride verbalmente casal gay e questiona: "Homem enfiando o p4u no c* do outro?"

In a pet shop, a woman verbally abuses a gay couple and questions: “A...

The woman who uttered the verbal attacks was wearing a t-shirt that said "faith" in the shape of a cross
Procuradoria Geral da República pede investigação do Ministro da Educação por homofobia

The Attorney General’s Office calls for an investigation against the Minister of Education for...

Milton Ribeiro is the fourth misfit in the Education portfolio of Bolsonaro's government in about one year and a half

LGBT+ group protests in a supermarket after student was barred for wearing “tiny shorts”

"You are a man, you can't wear these shorts"
Obra de Michelangelo com beijo gay na Capela Sistina volta a ser assunto após 500 anos

A work by Michelangelo with a gay kiss at the Sistine Chapel becomes a...

Renaissance artists were Christians, but weren't always completely in agreement with the Catholic Church
Pastor escolhido por Bolsonaro para Ministro da Educação diz que pessoas de "famílias desajustadas" optam por ser LGBT+

The pastor chosen by Bolsonaro for the Ministry of Education says that people from...

The Minister of Education Milton Ribeiro said that young people's homosexuality is due to "dysfunctional families", causing a negative impact on the government

Only 14% of LGBTQIA+ people feel supported at their workplaces, says study

71% of LGBTQIA+ workers believe that representativeness in the company's leadership is important to their professional development.
Justiça emite primeira certidão de nascimento de pessoa não-binaria no Brasil

Court of Justice issues first birth certification of a non-binary person in Brazil

The Court of Rio de Janeiro authorized the birth certification of a non-binary person, Aoi Berriel (24), to have " non-specified sex" in it

63% of straight women like to watch gay porn; find out why

Curiosity and domination are among the reasons that drive women to this kind of content
Estudo mostra que casais gays têm renda média maior que os héteros nos EUA

A study indicates that gay couples have a higher average household income than heterosexual...

Out of these, gay men have a higher average household income than lesbians.
James Bond

Antony Hamilton, the actor who wasn’t cast to play James Bond for being gay

The actor, who was a dancer, model and actor on United States during his life, never hid his sexual orientation and was an AIDS victim in the 90s
Petrobrás chama "Bixa Travesty" de "sofrível"; filme levou calote da estatal

Petrobras calls “Bixa Travesty” by “sufferable”; the movie got a default from the state-owned...

Petrobras should have paid 200 000 BRL to the movie in accord to a awarding, but it hasn't.
Gilberto Barros é denunciado por discriminação homofóbica pela Secretaria de Justiça de SP

Brazilian TV host is charged of homophobic discrimination by the Department of Justice of...

The TV host has disappeared from social media since this happened